Continuing Education Units (CEU)


We have assigned Continuing Education Units (CEU) to individual courses and course programs. Upon completion, students are eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion for course programs and/or individual courses, as is detailed below.

The acceptance of CEU by a school, church, or ministry is at the discretion of the receiving institution. Through our partnership with Lancaster Bible College (LBC), LBC will accept CEU towards their ministry certification and accelerated online undergraduate programs.

CEU for Course Programs and Individual Courses


Biblical Worldview I: Only Two Religions? 0.5
Biblical Worldview II: Seeing a World of Difference 2
Counseling God's Way 3
Matthew 2.5
Searching for the Truth on Origins 1.5
Servant Leadership 4

CEU Determination

The number of CEU assigned for the Foundations of Biblical Studies course program was determined by the course program provider, Lancaster Bible College, and is based upon the completion of all 8 courses in the program.

The number of CEU assigned for all other courses is based upon the following methodology:

  1. Lecture hours are determined by total audio lecture hours.

    For the Exposition of Matthew course, where there is no audio or video, lecture hours are based upon a reading rate of 200 words per minute, the average silent reading rate for grade 8 students in the United States.
  2. Quiz and exam hours are determined by the number of questions at a completion rate of one minute per question.
  3. Lecture, quiz, and exam hours are totaled.
  4. Ten hours of lecture, quiz, and exam time are assigned 1 CEU.
  5. CEU are rounded to 5 hours (0.5 CEU).